Blue's Port Scanner Gui-Version v5.0.2 Build #1265

CBPS.exe Command line-Version v4.2 #272



A good port scanner is just one of the basic tools anyone who is
seriously interested in the internet needs.
The BluesPortScan is, i think, the fastest scanner for 32Bit windows which you can found in the net. It scans local 5000 ports in 8sec. on my 2k (P3-866) machine. If you are using Win9x/ME it's a little bit slower... The new version 5 has now features like Port list-scans, AutoCompletion when entering known, existing host names or ips and a big big list of typical port assignments. And of course, it's a little bit more stable, especially under Win9x/Me although these OSs are definitively not the operating systems of choice for the using this program.
If you have any questions about the port scanner: